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Dave Barugh


Run Leader

My fitness journey began back in 1988 when as a fresh-faced teenager I was given my first mountain bike – I loved the freedom of being able to explore and discover new places. Over time, I thought I would give trail running a go – running through the familiar tracks, that I have ridden many times, gave me a new sense of perspective and a joy and inner peace that nothing else can compare to.

In 1999, I started to run to build up my fitness and in 2001 I completed my first Great North Run. Over time, I’ve built up a healthy collection of medals but my favourite to date has to be the Cragside Cracker – a trail run through beautiful scenery of Northumberland; what’s not to love?

I have known Sean since school and was intrigued when he posted on Facebook wondering if anyone fancied meeting up for a run. A week later, I joined the early Orchard Eagles Running Club with a few trusty individuals who never in their wildest dreams would have thought that the club would grow to what it has! I am proud to be a member of such a warm and welcoming club. I have enjoyed becoming a run leader and giving something back to the club; I especially enjoy seeing the beginners begin their running journey and watching as they build in confidence and start to do amazing events for themselves!

I like to think I am a great encourager and have a fairly gentle leadership style.

Outside of running, I work as a panel beater and I have been a scout leader for 15 years through which I have acquired lots of new skills: I have qualifications for instructing in climbing, archery and kayaking! My family takes up a lot of my time as I enjoy spending time with them and particularly enjoy taking my youngest daughter wild camping and walking in the Lake District.

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