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Justine Moralee


Run Leader​

I joined the Eagles Beginners in 2018, following a lifetime of avoiding running at all costs. I wanted to be fitter and to be able to run Yarm Fun Run with my son. Thanks to the support and encouragement of the Eagles, I completed beginners and found that I enjoyed running (well maybe the achievement rather than the actual run to begin with!)

Working full time in a school, as well as being a mum, I run for headspace, I run for me time, I run to be sociable, I run to challenge myself.

Since that first 5k, I have kept running, joining events up to half marathons (including Hardmoors 16 mile halfs!) I usually leave the mad challenges and distances to my running-nut husband. I love trail running and my favourite event was a 10k trail run in torrential rain!

Being part of the Eagles has enabled me to achieve so much, whilst improving my physical and mental health. Becoming a Run Leader is my way of giving back to this amazing, supportive club. My runs are inclusive, non-threatening and encourage everyone to enjoy running, while pushing themselves to achieve.

If I can run, then anyone can!

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