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Keira Ley


Membership Secretary
Disability Officer

I started running back in 2010 when a friend convinced me to run the Great North Run for charity – I didn’t even know how long a half marathon was at that point! I ran it, got to the end, and thought, “Why on Earth would anyone want to ever run that distance twice?”. Fast forward to 2019 (the years in between saw me run a bit, but not a lot), when I put my name in the London Marathon ballot, safe in the knowledge that the odds were against me. Alas, I was ‘lucky’ and got a place! At this point, I was running regularly with the Eagles and it was only with their support, guidance and friendship that I ever thought I could do it. And I did do it! I have since run two other marathons also.

I love the club and the way it supports absolutely everyone – whether it is for people who just want to run 5k, to those who want to run crazy distances – you know who you are! I love (tolerate) the occasional hill training session, prefer road to the trails, and recently discovered that I quite like an early morning run – well, as long as it is not before 7am and only once a week! I am also a very big advocate of parkrun – the world is a better place for it and there is no better way to start the weekend than with a parkrun, either running or volunteering. parkrun tourism (planning your holiday destinations around a local parkrun) is also a thing I may or may not have done!

I am very proud that I am the club Membership Secretary and one of the clubs (Dis)ability Officers. I get the chance to not only support, help and encourage those with disabilities to run, but I am also able to give something back to the club.

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