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Martin Peagam


Disability Officer & Run Leader

Martin ‘The Cake Runner’ here! I managed to avoid running for over 50 years – even when I played rugby. I was a prop, which in those days meant that I trotted from one scrum to the next, and never broke into a canter (except to the bar afterwards). Then, I was advised by a doctor that I was officially obese and that it was having a real effect on my health so I decided to do something about it. I started walking. Then jogging. Then running.

Being profoundly deaf, I was happy to run alone on dark mornings. I ran a few events to raise funds for charities – including a run dressed as Father Christmas on a hot day in March – to keep the motivation going. That’s when I found the Orchard Eagles on Facebook. They seemed a fun, friendly bunch. I took a risk and turned up at one of their organised runs. Turned out they really were friendly so I joined.

I love now being part of such a diverse, friendly, supportive group of people. In due course, I was appointed (Dis)Ability Officer, helping to ensure that anyone with a disability has the opportunity to become part of our wonderful community.

Since retiring a few years ago, I have been kept busy with my hobbies and passions, especially local history, baking, and running. I have run in sunshine and snow, on roads and over moors, and even around a proper running track.

Moreover, I am living proof that cake is the key to running success and good health. I have lost over 3 stone and I am currently training for the Great North Run and the Yorkshire Marathon. Not a bad outcome for the old, fat guy who was puffed out running up the stairs – and the Orchard Eagles have played a big part in that transformation.

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