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Martin Peagam


Run Leader

Martin ‘The Cake Runner’ here!
I managed to avoid running for over 50 years. Even when I played rugby. I was a prop, which in those days meant that I trotted from one scrum to the next, and never broke into a canter (except to the bar afterwards). The Orchard Eagles changed all that.

Having popped along one fateful evening to see what the group was about, I am now the proud possessor of a stash of medals and more shirts than I know what to do with, all testament to the fact that I am a runner. One who has even ran a marathon.

Not only that, but I have been certified, by England Athletics no less, as being capable of leading others on a run: I am a Run Leader. I am also a Club (Dis) Ability Officer – possibly because I am profoundly deaf, but more likely because I believe that everyone has ability and can benefit from running. Oh, and I am also Secretary to the Orchard Eagles. Which means I keep the Minutes of meetings and do other official ‘committee’ things.

So be warned! Orchard Eagles Running Club can be addictive.

Then again, everyone involved is so friendly, supportive, and helpful, that it is not surprising that people get involved. Above all, the Orchard Eagles is about having fun whilst putting one foot in front of the other on
road, path, grass, mud, sand, or snow.
What more could you ask for?

Except perhaps cake.
Which is where that title ‘The Cake Runner’ comes in. I am living proof that cake is the key to running success and good health: I have lost over 3 stone by baking and eating cake as a fuel for my running. Which, I am sure you will agree, cannot be bad.

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