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Chair Person
Run Leader

In an attempt to improve my general fitness, I decided to try a ‘couch to 5k’ session in January 2019; however, I found it difficult to commit to this on my own (the cold mornings did nothing to help either!) – I hadn’t run any great distance since leaving school (quite a while ago!)

Spring came along and with it an opportunity to join the Orchard Eagles beginners group to help me achieve my 5k goal. As well as feeling better physically and mentally, I actually realised again that I enjoyed running, the support and guidance from the leaders of the group is amazing, running with other members made for such an enjoyable experience.

Working full time as an engineer within the nuclear industry can be stressful, running with the Eagles helps me think about other things other than work, as well as keeping me physically fit.

Being a run leader has allowed me to give back to others the support that I have received from the Orchard Eagles, helping other runners work towards achieving their personal goals.