Rachael’s Brass Monkey PB

The Brass Monkey was an amazing experience, although in the lead up to it I seriously considered dropping out because I was worried I wouldn’t meeting the cut-off point.

Once the race started though, my nerves disappeared and I settled into it. I was pleased with my pacing and really enjoyed the majority of the race, although the last two miles were painful and my legs didn’t feel strong enough and became really tired. Julie, a fellow Eagle, ran with me and she was a massive support over the last few miles when my legs were sore and it became mentally tough. She really helped me keep going and make it to finish line.

When I crossed the finish line I was shattered, but absolutely ecstatic to get in under 2 ½ hours, which was my goal, and in doing so I beat my GNR time by 18 minutes and my PB by 11 minutes! It was an overwhelming sense of achievement and I felt so proud that I’d managed to do it.

I felt quite emotional when I saw lots of other Eagles who had waited to see me cross the finish line and were cheering so loudly as I ran past. It’s a phenomenal feeling to have such great support from people even though I’m not a fast runner.

– Rachael

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