Sean and Anita’s 500 day Running Streak

Sean and Anita’s 500 day Running Streak

It was Wednesday 18th March 2020. The government had initiated its first lockdown due to the Covid pandemic. On that very day, Run Leaders – Sean and Anita – decided that they would run every day until restrictions were lifted – a running streak! They probably didn’t realise quite how long it would go on for,  but they kept running. And running…

A year passed, and a celebratory anniversary run took place at the Tees Barrage with manay Eagles cheering them on along the route – the plan: 3.65 miles in 36.5 minutes!

Not ready to stop quite yet, they continued on their running streak journey until they eventually hit the 500 day mark! Proud of their achievements, but now finally ready for that long-overdue rest day, they agreed to stop together. Eagles flocked down to the Tees Barrage once more to cheer them on. Members were proud of their leaders. They were grateful to them for providing everyone with motivation to keep running in lockdown. They wanted to be part of that special moment.

Well done Sean and Anita! You are inspirational!

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