The Ultra X 250km Run by Marie

I was looking for an experience to celebrate my 40th year and in a year where foreign travel was nearly impossible, I decided to “treat” myself to a running challenge and enter a 250km 5 day run in North Wales.

The event involved camping, living on dehydrated food and having no access to showers for 5 days. So, this was not just a physical challenge, but a mental challenge given the lack of good food and sleep! Given that the event was in the quiet part of Snowdonia National Park, this was never going to be a flat race and the event organisers thought it would be fun to plan a route that had an elevation that equalled the height of Everest over the 5 days.

The route each day was beautiful with some amazing views and the terrain varied from running in woods, walking through a river, climbing up mountains and along a beach.  I won’t lie, sometimes I wanted to cry and give up and many times I started to think I was crazy to enter an event like this. However, messages from fellow Eagles really gave me motivation to keep on moving forward. The support at the checkpoints was amazing and really highlights the importance of race marshals as they cheered you on, gave you a hug when needed and got you food when you could not move!

I didn’t quite make it to 250km with the long day having just one too many mountains, but I was stubborn enough to start and finish day 5 meaning that I ran 235km over the 5 days. So, I didn’t get a position or a final time however, I got to the finish line on day 5 with just a minor niggle to my Achilles and sore feet. So, I took that as a win and it just gave me another reason to do another 250km event next year (but somewhere flatter and hotter than North Wales).

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